Professional Deliveries.

HalalDoor specializes in moving things. Our team of logistics experts ensures that each delivery is efficiently delivered quickly to diners mouths.

Always Available.

Diners love using Pick Up. That's why HalalDoor makes it easier for you to accept and process those online order. Putting you in the diners pockets and always available for the grab and go experience.

Catering. With A Twist.

Our catering experience allows you to plan future orders, track payment and take advantage of our delivery network.

Reward Diners.

Retain more diners by offering rewards for dining in both your restaurant online and in-store. Drive up loyalty to your brand and keep track of diner interests.

Optimize For Diners.

Our platform assists you by optimizing your menu for each diner experience. Deliver your menu in a personalized way, helping diners find what they love.


Answers to your questions.

What is HalalDoor?

It’s a platform that allows diners to order delivery and pick up from Halal Restaurants. We invest in developing technology for the Halal Community, running delivery networks, maintaining marketplaces and consumer retention.

How much does HalalDoor cost?

HalalDoor has no subscription fees or monthly rates. Restaurants pay a percentage of sales generated through the HalalDoor Platform. Want to cancel, just give us a heads up and there’s no penalties.

Why should I choose HalalDoor?

HalalDoor is a platform tailored for Halal Restaurants. We understand the Halal Diner and use this understanding to help improve your restaurants online ordering experience.

What are your rates?

Rates are based on the market rate in an area. So, a restaurant located in Miami, Florida may have a different rate than a restaurant in Dallas, Texas. You can start an application to receive your market rate.

What if you don’t offer delivery in my area?

HalalDoor is constantly expanding its delivery network, typically merchants in regions with no delivery has their network come online within 2-3 weeks from Signing Up 5 restaurants in the area.

Do you provide COVID-19 Relief?

Yes, HalalDoor offers COVID-19 Relief to both new and existing merchants. You can find out more information on the steps HalalDoor is taking during COVID-19 here.